About BIGLEMON site

BIGLEMON site is in a new open communication space of construction machineries, trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, farm machines, machine tools and parts that connect buyers and sellers directly.
You will able to search, who wants to buy or sell their used construction machines and spare parts! You can request for quotation of delivery!! Member registration is free! A bargain fee (Commition) is free!!
This is a global network service by not only in Japanese but also in English.

If you have any question about service and plan, please feel free to contact us.

 Main service list 

0 Search・Buy

Free  Search by category
We have a classified category 17 kinds of construction machineries and 16 kinds of trucks with a image capture.
Free  Search by area
You can choose an area of stock and search items. You can search from a world map.
Free  Search by conditions
You can search with a focus on a category of 「Hydraulic Excavator」 or 「Mini Excavator」and so on, maker and spec. We recommend you who want to condescend on condition.
Free  Search for companies
You can search with a focus on a line of business, specialty and location. You can search with a free keyword. If you search a company, please use here.
Free  Pinpoint Search by "Featured pick up"
【easy search】 We introduct a machine to suit your needs.

0 Receive・Search

Free  The size list of rubber crawler matched machine type
We inform a rubber crawler size of Hydraulic Excavator, Crane, High-place working machine by various makers for exchange. Feel free to use these for reference.
Free  The size list of rubber pad matched machine type
We inform a size of rubber pad, a number of link piece around underbody of Hydraulic Excavator, Crane, High-place working machine by various makers.
Free  The size list of steel shoes matched machine type
We inform a matched machine by a number of link piece.
Free  The size list of edges mached macine type
We inform edge items per makers
Free  The size list of a head of arm
We inform a size list of a head of arm about Hydraulic Excavator by various makers. Please use for reference of exchange the attachment.
Pay  You search a market price by 【Auction Results Search Site】
You can search a contract price of more than 50,000 of the past cases about construction machineries and trucks Auctions.

0 Buy and sell the machine

Free  Purchased assessment is free in Japan
Professional dealer of exhibition companies in BIGLEMON buy your valued machines by good price.
Pay  Better to BIGLEMON than to uptrade
Only advertising fee! A bargain fee (commition) is free and you can sell to a customer directly by your asking price.

0 Advertisings

Pay  【Advertisement】Banner advertising and PR companies
You can advertise your items to customers directly.

Inquiry to BIGLEMON

Please use the inquiry form about your variety of inquiry, questions and requests.

Please make sure to enter your company name, person in charge and e-mail and so on.
If it doesn't entry, we may not reply.
And we apologize in advance for not sending a reply by substance of email.

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It is set your information automatically, it is omissible the entry. (A  B)。

Inquiries about BIGLEMON is here. 

New member registration

In BIGLEMON, you can use more services and useful functions by member registration.
If you register a new member, please click 「member registration(free)」located in the upper part of each page and it will take you to the free member registration page.It will be able to take you to the free member registration page from 「If you don't complete to register a member, here is (free member registration)」.

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Flow of member registration

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In concord with the information mail, you access the page of entry member information. You can entry your information without any difficulty on the page of entering member information and member registration is complete.

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Please inquiry to "BIGLEMON office


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