Matsushita of Construction Machine, Inc.
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Matsushita of Construction Machine, Inc.
Japan1550-1 Kaizu-Machi, Isahaya-City, Nagasaki, Japan
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■business contents   Export of Used Construction Machines ■export items   Used Construction Machines and Parts   ・excavator   ・bulldozer   ・wheel loader   ・road roller   ・motor grader   ・asphalt finisher   ・forklift   ・crane   ・carrier   ・generator   ・welder   ・compressor   ・miscellaneous ■main sales   Export of Used Construction Machines
Specialized field
  • construction work
  • building ・steel construction demolition work
  • wooden construction demolition work
  • equipment work
  • industrial waste disposal
  • finance
  • export ・trade business
  • combined transport・land transport
  • construction machine/preparation ・repair ・maintenance
  • excavator/distribution ・rental
  • tunnel ・mining machinery ・special machine
  • paving・compacting equipment・ land grading machine
  • asphalt finisher ・paving machine
  • rough-terrain ・crawler crane
  • foundation improvement machine・foundation work machine・hydraulic auger manufacturing
  • environmental machines ・crusher
  • concrete pump・pumping machine
  • forklift・carrier equipment
  • man lift ・construction machine・scaffold
  • generator ・welder ・compressor
  • submersible pump・water treatment・clamshell bucket / manufacturing
  • compact machine・cleaning・washing machine
  • construction attachment/sales ・maintenance
  • house ・toilet ・safety and security goods
  • truck・delivery vehicle・commercial vehicle
  • truck / repair ・maintenance
  • forestry machinery・farming machinery
  • machine tool / manufacturing ・distribution
  • construction material・scaffold material
  • others
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TEL: 0957 - 25 - 3336

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