Asia Commerce Limited
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Asia Commerce Limited
Japan3F KSS Gotanda Building, 1-21-8 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
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We specialize in the trading of construction equipment and heavy machinery, mainly from Japan to the rest of the world. Through our affiliates, we also provide the rental of construction equipment and heavy machinery in the United States and Australia.
Specialized field
  • construction work
  • building ・steel construction demolition work
  • wooden construction demolition work
  • equipment work
  • industrial waste disposal
  • finance
  • export ・trade business
  • combined transport・land transport
  • construction machine/preparation ・repair ・maintenance
  • excavator/distribution ・rental
  • tunnel ・mining machinery ・special machine
  • paving・compacting equipment・ land grading machine
  • asphalt finisher ・paving machine
  • rough-terrain ・crawler crane
  • foundation improvement machine・foundation work machine・hydraulic auger manufacturing
  • environmental machines ・crusher
  • concrete pump・pumping machine
  • forklift・carrier equipment
  • man lift ・construction machine・scaffold
  • generator ・welder ・compressor
  • submersible pump・water treatment・clamshell bucket / manufacturing
  • compact machine・cleaning・washing machine
  • construction attachment/sales ・maintenance
  • house ・toilet ・safety and security goods
  • truck・delivery vehicle・commercial vehicle
  • truck / repair ・maintenance
  • forestry machinery・farming machinery
  • machine tool / manufacturing ・distribution
  • construction material・scaffold material
  • others
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TEL: 03 - 6417 - 9750

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