Nishin Kinzoku Co.,Ltd Tokyo Branch

Nishin Kinzoku Co.,Ltd Tokyo Branch

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Nishin Kinzoku Company Limited., was established in February of 1975 and has been exporting the articles centering on Used Construction Equipment, Trucks and Engine Parts to more than 20 countries covering Asia, Europe and U.S.A., etc.

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Used construction machinery, Truck, Special vehicle and Rubber shoes and so on.
If there are any machines what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Company History

February of 1975 :
Nishin Kinzoku Company Limited was established.

April of 1980 :
Start of Leasing for Fork Lifts.

February of 1982 :
Head Office has been moved to the present address.

August of 1988 :

September of 1988 :
Opening of Tokyo Branch.

March of 1989 :
Tokyo Branch has been moved to the present address.

June of 1990 :
Parts Center was established in Ansha of Naha-City in Okinawa.

December of 1990 :
Motor Pool ( Stock Yard ) was established in Tomisato in Chiba.

February of 1992 :
Annual proceeds 5 billion was accomplished.

June of 1993 :
Head Office has been expanded.

January of 1995 :
Motor Pool ( Stock Yard ) was established in Minato-Town, Naha-City in Okinawa.

March of 1996 :
Building of Head Office has been completed.

August of 1997 :
Motor Pool (Stock Yard) in Tomisato, Chiba was expanded to 3,300 ㎡.

December of 1997 :
A workshop was newly built in Tomisato, Chiba.

September of 1998 :
A warehouse was newly built in Motor Pool (Stock Yard) of Head Office.

February of 2001 :
New Tokyo Branch Office has been completed.

September of 2001 :
Apprived as the bonded warehouse(1850M3)