2017-3-01 2017
Members can use right now ! We renewal opened 『Kouryu-kaido』

Today , March 1st , members can use right now ! We renewal opened 『Kouryu-kaido』

▼Introduction of how to use 『Kouryu-kaido'』with animation!

▼Top page of 『Kouryu-kaido'』

『Kouryu-kaido』is a community of BIGLEMON, which can be used just by registering as a member.
Just posting ...
▶You can publicize PR / publicity to more than 22,000 companies related to construction!
▶Business connection can be done!
▶You can create your own WEB page!

During the pre-opening , we carried out renovation and add functions from customers voices.
You can make a new “connection with ”『Kouryu-kaido』 which became easier to use,and spread the business !

2017-2-01 2017
First in the industry! ~ Expand business with "connection". We pre-opened 『Kouryu-kaido』!

Ahead of the renewal opening on March 1,we pre-opened 『Kouryu-kaido』 today, February 1!
You can Expand business with "connection" at the 『Kouryu-kaido』

▼TOP of "Kouryu-kaido"

▼Click here for details on "Kouryu-kaido"

This service is a site that allows member companies to interact and connect with each other easily through posting functions and connected functions.

As a feature, it is "to connect to business by freely distributing, sharing and exchanging information with more than 22,000 construction companies."

It is scheduled to pre-opened on February 1, 2017 and renewal open on March 1.

2016-12-19 2016
Announcement of New Year's Holiday 2016

Thank you for always using BIGLEMON.

The business schedule of the BIGLEMON administration is as follows.

Office Close : Friday 30th December - Tue January 3 (Tue)

Office Start : January 4 (Wed)

【About inquiries】

We are accepting inquiries by e-mail or fax during the holidays,

We will respond to the reply from the BIGLEMON administration office from January 4 (Wed) in order.

Thank you for your understanding.

We appreciate your inconvenience but we appreciate your patience.

2016-10-27 2016
Notice of BIGLEMON top page renewal
BIGLEMON top page is renewed today October 27th!

In this renewal, the configuration and design of the top page has been changed in order to be more comfortable to use.

We will continue to make BIGLEMON be more user-friendly and easy-to-use.
We appreciate your continuous support.

2016-10-17 2016
Login ID number has been changed.

To enhance security, login ID number has been changed. Please check from My page "Registration Editing."

By using the login ID number, you can log in easily.
If you have any questions, please contact us.